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Partial list of publications
Alicia McNary Forsey
April 2012

Miguel Servet: Un Radical Para Todos Los Tiempos, Miguel Servet, Eterna Libertad: V Centenario de su nacimiento (1511–2011), Instituto de Estudios Sieneses "Miguel Servet", Michael Sevetus Institute, Villanueva de Sijena, Huesca, Aragon, Spain, published in 2013 (this was delivered in a lecture given at Huesca, Aragon, Spain, to commemorate the 500th year since the birth of Servetus).

Queen Isabella Sforza Szapolyai of Transylvania and Sultan Suleyman of the Ottoman Empire: A Case of Sixteenth-Century Muslim-Christian Collaboration.  Edwin Mellen Press, September 2009.

Managing Editor, first English translation of The Restitution of Christianity, Vol. I, by Michael Servetus (1553), Edwin Mellen Press, fall, 2006.  Vols. II and III, Treatise on Faith and Justice of Christ’s Kingdom by Michael Servetus and Treatise Concerning the Supernatural Regeneration and the Kingdom of the Antichrist by Michael Servetus, Summer, 2008.  Vol. IV, Thirty Letters to Calvin, Preacher to the Genevans & Sixty Signs of the Kingdom of the Antichrist and His Revelation Which Is Now at Hand: From The Restoration of Christianity, 1553 by Michael Servetus, 2010.

Editor and contributor, The Role of the Dissenter in Western Christianity, Vol. I, published by Starr King School Press, 2004.

"McCarthy’s Ghost," article in the Legislative Ministry News, Summer, 2005

"A Mind of Her Own," article in The Role of the Dissenter in Western Christianity, Vol. I, published by Starr King School Press, 2004.

Editor, In Their Own Words: A Conversation with Participants in the Black Empowerment Movement, Starr King Press, Berkeley, 2001.

"Anabaptist Worship and Community in the Early 16th Century," For Faith and Freedom, Oxford, England, Spring–Summer, 2000.

"The New Radical Reformation," For Faith and Freedom, Oxford, England, Spring/Summer, 1998.

Contributor and Managing Editor, Regaining Historical Consciousness, ed. Warren Ross, Starr King School, June, 1994.

"The Feminine Principle of Relatedness," The Center for Women and Religion, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, Calif., May–June, 1997.

"Attitudes About Money in Theological Schools," Seminary Development News, Vol. II, No. 2, October, 1997.

“Religious Leadership: Our Vocation,” The First Ten Years, edited by David Heetland, Ind.: The Lilly Endowment, Inc., 1996.


Copyright 2006–2012 Alicia McNary Forsey.  Last edited on Sunday 22 April 2012.

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