Thank you to the following people who made the January 2001 gathering possible:

Harold Wilson
Jack Mendelsohn
Yielbonzie Charles Johnson
Cathleen Young
Thomas Smith
Charlie Alday
Art Lavoie


We owe a particular thanks to Darrel Richey, who demonstrated utmost care and respect for the participants by preparing and serving meals each day in exceptionally beautiful surroundings, and to Hannah Wells, who ably and generously assisted.


We thank Julie Kain, who compiled the Timeline with the kind of attention to detail that is made possible only through genuine interest and scholarship in relation to one's subject of inquiry.  Julie is a student at Starr King School who plans to enter the parish ministry.


There are several individuals who were leaders of Black Empowerment in the Unitarian Universalist Association who have begun a history project.  We have benefited immeasurably from members of this group in their willingness to have extensive conversations with us.


Thank you to several leaders of Black Empowerment in the UUA who gave generously of their time in conversations with Alicia Forsey and others in order to clarify issues, though they could not be present for the January conference.  Special appreciation goes to Mtangulizi Sanyika (formerly Hayward Henry) for being a guest lecturer in the UU History class.


We gratefully acknowledge the Fund for Unitarian Universalism for funding this publication, and finally, the generous donors to Starr King School for the Ministry. 


O that the President would soon speak that electric sentence,—inspiration to the loyal North, doom to the traitorous aristocracy whose cup of guilt is full.  Let him say that it is a war of mass against class, of America against feudalism, of the schoolmaster against the slave-master, of workmen against the barons, of the ballot-box against the Barracoon.  This is what the struggle means.  Proclaim it so, and what a light breaks through our leaden sky!  The ocean-wave rolls then with the impetus and weight of an idea.

Thomas Starr King

(awaiting the Emancipation Proclamation)

Thomas Starr King: Patriot and Preacher

Copyright 2006 Alicia McNary Forsey.  Last edited on Monday 30 October 2006.


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