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WELCOME to our Universalism website!

“We commit ourselves to the task of bringing the spirit of Universalism fully alive as a living history within our Unitarian Universalist movement and the world at large.  This we do in a spirit of openness and fairness with reverence for the living tradition which nourishes us.”
—Diane Dowgiert, Sally White, & Gail Scott, Universalist History Class, Starr King School for the Ministry, 1999

Our mission is to capture the vibrant living and past stories of Universalism.  Our initial focus will fill in the evolution of Universalism in the United States from 1750s — the people and events.  As the site grows, we are incorporating many facets of Universalist identity.  We strive to:

  • Reach out and record the voices of Universalist people bringing into our midst their memories and message for today;
  • Reproduce existing texts and contemporary papers on Universalism to encourage understanding and discussion regarding the interplay of Universalist and Unitarian heritage;
  • Create a forum where Universalists from around the world can engage in dialogue with one another.

In the interest of remaining universal in our scope…  We construct this site with the hope that seekers of all kinds will use it: lifespan religious education teachers, curious individuals, ministers and scholars.


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