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Don't let your children read this. Not that it will harm them to read it, but it is addressed to parents and to all people with an adult point of view.

Ours is a faith that a mature person will understand and will appreciate. You will immediately see its value for people of all kinds.

You will appreciate its frankly educational approach. Religious liberalism will neither insult your intelligence nor attempt to play upon your emotions.

You will appreciate its honest dealing with the questions of living. Children in Unitarian Universalist church schools deal with life situations and not with out-dated theological doctrines. Adults in Unitarian Universalist churches discuss problems of personal living, community life, and world situations.

You will appreciate its searching spirit. The Unitarian Universalist Association never professes to have the whole truth. It continues to look for new truth, new ways to improve the lot of man.

It subjects all of its beliefs to the acid test of living.

Most of all you will appreciate the fact that this Association is a truly democratic institution, primarily interested in people and is "of the people, by the people and for the people."

This is the kind of religion mature people are turning to. It can help you and your children. Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships cordially invite you to attend their services and to learn more about this reasonable religion.

For fuller information, visit the Unitarian or Universalist Church or Fellowship in your community, or write direct to the Church of the Larger Fellowship, Unitarian-Universalist, 25 Beacon Street, Boston 8, Massachusetts.


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