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Volume I—How to Read This On-Line Book

  • Chapters:  The book has been organized in chapters.  From the Table of Contents in the left frame, choose a chapter.  The text will appear in this frame. 

  • Footnotes:  Upon clicking on a footnote number, its text will be displayed in the frame below.  You can locate a footnote (or any URL in a page) by pressing the Tab key in your keyboard repeatedly; you will then cycle through all present URLs and frames in the page being displayed.

  • The first time you read this book from your computer, the chapters will appear to download slowly; after that, they will download very fast.

  • Click here to Search the Text of A History of Unitarianism in this frame.  You will only see links to search the text in these frames.  Note that the links found by the search engine will appear in this frame.  All you need to do is click on the name of the chapter you’re looking for to read it here.

  • Click here to return to the main page, or click on the “A History of Unitarianism” link in the top frame at any time.

  • Remind me about the Roman numerals...

  • A note on reading the pages:  Use your browser’s capability to enlarge or diminish the font size.  This Web site was designed to use this browser’s ability.  When reading, maximize the browser window, so you are using all the “real estate” in your monitor.  Then increase the font size.  Easiest reading!

  • A note on printing the pages:  Diminish the font size using your browser’s capability to print this frame where the chapter appears.  This will make the job print in the least number of pages, saving paper.  Also make your Page Setup be 1/2 inch all around.  Remember paper comes from trees! 

A good time is guaranteed for all.