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Being a Hyper-text Mark-up Language (HTML) representation of Earl Morse Wilbur’s book Our Unitarian Heritage for the benefit of Internet readers.  The text presented here was taken from a 1925 Beacon Press edition of Wilbur’s book.  This project is possible with the generous and kind permission of Earl Morse Wilbur’s family, with whom the copyright resides.

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A Note to the Reader

As you read this text, you may find assumptions that are no longer generally held or well-received.  Earl Morse Wilbur wrote this book in 1925, and it reflects the thinking of his own time and place.  While you may find it necessary to translate some of the ideas into more up-to-date notions, the fact remains that much of what Wilbur writes in this text is pioneering work.  This book contains his first research on the four countries where Unitarianism was fully established in polity and organization: Poland, Transylvania, England and the United States.  It is important for Unitarian Universalists to have access to this material, but all of Earl Morse Wilbur’s work has been out of print for some time. 

Special thanks goes to the grandsons of Earl Morse Wilbur, who released the copyright for Our Unitarian Heritage so that it would be published electronically for Unitarian Universalists everywhere.  A special grant from the Fund for Unitarian Universalism made it possible for us to complete this project.  We are in the process of making other texts available.  Contributions to further this work are welcome and most appreciated.

Rev. Alicia McNary Forsey, Ph.D.

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Text taken from a 1925 original copy of Earl Morse Wilbur's Our Unitarian Heritage.
Copyright released by Wilbur's grandchildren.
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