c. 160 Apostles’ Creed composed.
c. 260 Paul of Samosata and Sabellius flourish.
318–380 The Arian Controversy.
325 Council of Nicaea: the Nicene Creed adopted.
380 Theodosius makes acceptance of the doctrine of the Trinity compulsory.
381 Council of Constantinople adopts the revised Nicene Creed.
388 Arianism suppressed in the Western Roman Empire.
431 Council of Ephesus.
451 Council of Chalcedon.
c. 460 ? Athanasian Creed composed.


1509 Calvin born.
1510 Francis Dávid born.
1511 Servetus born.
c. 1515 Biandrata born.
1516 Erasmus’s Greek New Testament.
1517 Beginning of the Protestant Reformation.
1525 Rise of Anabaptism.
1526 Equal toleration granted in the Grisons to Protestants and Catholics.
1527 Cellarius publishes the earliest book against the doctrine of the Trinity.
1530 Diet of Augsburg; the Augsburg Confession.
1531 Servetus publishes De Trinitatis Erroribus.
1532 Servetus publishes Dialogues on the Trinity.
1539 Order of Jesuits founded. Faustus Socinus born.
1542 Italian Inquisition established.
1550 Anabaptist Council at Venice accepts humanity of Christ.
1553 Servetus publishes Chriatianismi Restitutio: condemned to death at Vienne; burned at the stake at Geneva, October 27.
1562 Laelius Socinus dies at Zurich.
1563 Ochino publishes Dialogues and is banished from Zurich.
1564 Calvin dies at Geneva. Ochino is banished from Poland and dies in Moravia.
1566 Helvetic Confession adopted by the Swiss churches. Gentile beheaded at Bern.


1546 Antitrinitarianism first appears in Poland.
1555 Gonesius attacks the doctrine of the Trinity of Secemin.
1558 Biandrata comes from Geneva to Poland. Pinczow Reformed Church becomes Antitrinitarian.
1563 Biandrata leaves Poland for Transylvania.
1564 Jesuits enter Poland.
1565 Diet of Piotrkow: Minor Reformed Church organized.
1569 Rakow founded.
1570 Consensus Sandomiriensis.
1573 Pax Dissidentium establishes religious toleration In Poland.
1574 Schomann’s Catechism published in Poland.
1579 Faustus Socinus comes to Poland.
1588 Socinus unites all the Antitrinitarian factions at the Synod of Brest.
1591 Socinian meeting-place at Krakow destroyed by a mob.
1598 Socinus mobbed at Krakow. Ostorod and Wojdowski introduce Socinianism into Holland.
1603 Socinus dies at Luclawice.
1605 Racovian Catechism published.
1611 Jan Tyskiewicz burned at the stake at Warsaw.
1616 Socinian students expelled from Altorf.
1638 Socinians driven from Rakow.
1658 Polish Diet decrees banishment of Socinians.
1660 Socinians finally banished from Poland, July 10.
1742 Last persecution of Socinians in Holland.
1784 Socinian church at Kolozsvar disbands.
1811 Socinianism becomes extinct in Prussia.


1510 Francis Dávid born.
1540 John Sigismund born.
1555 Dávid becomes Lutheran.
1557 Dávid become Lutheran bishop. Diet of Torda decrees equal toleration to Protestants and Catholics.
1558 Thomas Aran publishes a book against the doctrine of the Trinity.
1563 Biandrata comes from Poland to Transylvania. Diet of Torda extends toleration to Calvinists.
1564 Dávid becomes Reformed bishop.
1566 Dávid begins open opposition to the doctrine of the Trinity. Trinity debated at Gyulafehervar and Torda.
1568 Debate on Trinity at Gyulafchervar, March 817. Kolozsvar becomes Unitarian. Dávid successfully pleads for full toleration at Diet of Torda. Dávid becomes Unitarian bishop. Unitarian Church in Transylvania organizes.
1569 Debate on Trinity at Nagyvarad, October 1015.
1571 Rights of the Unitarian Church confirmed at Diet of Maros Vasarhely. John Sigismund dies, March 14.
1574 George Alvinczi hanged in Hungary for denying the doctrine of the Trinity.
1578 Socinus comes from Basel to Kolozsvar.
1579 Dávid is tried for innovation, condemned, and dies in prison, November 15.
1603 Moses Szekely killed in battle.
1638 Complanatio Deesiana adopted.
1660 Polish exiles arrive at Kolozsvar.
1691 Diploma Leopoldinum issued.
1693 Unitarians lose their school at Kolozsvar.
1716 Unitarians lose the great church at Kolozsvar.
1780 Joseph II issues Edict of Toleration.
1781 Szent Abrahami’s Summa Theologica published.
1821 English and Transylvanian Unitarians discover each other.
1857 Austrian government attempts to destroy Unitarian schools.
1873 Unitarian church organized at Budapest.


c. 1380 Wyclif’s translation of the Bible.
1525 Tyndale’s New Testament.
1534 The English Reformation.
1550 Church of the Strangers established in London.
1551 Dr. George van Parris burned at the stake.
1565 Aconzio’s Stratagems of Satan published.
1612 Bartholomew Legate and Edward Wightman burned at the stake.
1615 /1616 John Bidle born.
1647 Bidle’s XII. Arguments.
1648 Bidle’s Confession of Faith.
1651 /1652 Racovian Catechism published in London and ordered burned.
1654 Bidle’s Twofold Catechism.
1655 Bidle banished to the Scilly Islands.
1662 Bidle dies, September 22.
1662 Act of Uniformity.
1677 Law for burning of heretics repealed in England.
1687 Nye’s Brief History of the Unitarians.
1689 Toleration Act.
1695 Locke’s Reasonableness of Christianity.
1698 Blasphemy Act.
1702 Emlyn’s Humble Inquiry.
1703 Emlyn is imprisoned at Dublin.
1712 Clarke’s Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity.
1719 Exeter Arlan Controversy. Salters’ Hall Assembly.
1723 Theophilus Lindsey born.
1735 Joseph Priestley born.
1766 Blackburne’s Confessional.
1772 Feathers’ Tavern Petition.
1774 Lindsey opens Essex Hall Chapel, April 17.
1783 Society for Promoting Knowledge of the Scriptures.
1791 Unitarian Book Society. Birmingham riots.
1794 Priestley emigrates to America.
1804 Priestley dies.
1806 Unitarian Fund.
1808 Improved Version of the New Testament.
1813 Blasphemy Act repealed.
1817 Wolverhampton Chapel case.
1819 Association for Protection of Civil Rights of Unitarians.
1825 British and Foreign Unitarian Association formed, May 26.
1828 Repeal of Test and Corporation Acts.
1830–1842 Lady Hewley Case.
1844 Dissenters’ Chapels Act.
1871 Tests abolished at English universities.


1740 Great Awakening.
1785 King’s Chapel Liturgy.
1805 Sherman’s One God in One Person Only. Henry Ware elected Hollis Professor at Harvard.
1815 American Unitarianism published.
1818–1820 The Dedham Case.
1819 Channing’s Baltimore Sermon.
1825 American Unitarian Association formed, May 26.
1838 Emerson’s Divinity School Address.
1841 Parker’s South Boston Sermon.
1852 Western Unitarian Conference formed.
1865 National Conference of Unitarian Churches.
1867 Free Religious Association.
1875 Year Book Controversy.
1890 National Alliance.
1896 Young People’s Religious Union.
1900 International Congress of Free Christians.
1908 National Federation of Religious Liberals.
1919 Laymen’s League.
1925 General Conference merged with the American Unitarian Association.

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