map_lineart_2.gif (21365 bytes)

Map 2 in line-art format, printed on the inside cover of the original 1925 book.  It depicts the regions of Europe at the end of the Sixteenth Century.  This is a GIF line-art scan of the map.  The detail is such that we have created larger graphics (mostly 400% size) of this map to view on line:  England and Holland, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Transylvania, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Turkey.   Pass your mouse over the map to click on the different details.  Note:  Each of the details will be opened in a new window; close the detail window to return to this one.   Click here for a JPEG photograph of it, if not already open.   Close this window to return to the text.

You also have the option of looking at the whole map in line-art format, at 400% size, but you'll have to scroll up and down the window, as it doesn't fit on your computer monitor.  The details download faster than this.  This one is more than 300 KB, so it will take a minute or two to download:  Click here.